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April 2014
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      Snapshot of Parish News

  • eBulletin Registration
    Our parish is cutting down on printed copies of the weekly parish bulletin. Parishioners are strongly encouraged to register for the on-line e-Bulletin. We are glad to highlight that the latest parish news and happenings will automatically be sent to you via your email before the weekend. This would also go a long way to help us in our efforts to go green and lower our printing cost.

    Click Here to signup.

  • Parish Census Registration
    Inviting all parishioners who have yet to register or moved into Woodlands to register with our Church.

    Click Here to register.

  • St Anthony's Free Medical Clinic
    St Anthony's Free Medical Clinic provides free healthcare services to all regardless or race, religion or nationality.

    Help to spread the love of God of this service especially to people whom you know that requires medical treatment but are financially disadvantaged.

    More information can be found here

    The poor needs your help, volunteer yourself today, doctors, nurses, clinic assistants needed

  • Easter Octave celebrations
    It’s time to celebrate New Life and our Lord’s resurrection. Come on down to our Easter Octave celebrations from 20 April to 28 April. Our theme this year is “The Emmaus Journey” with the following sub-themes for each evening:

    Day 1 (7.30pm): Bewildered by Easter Hope
    Day 2 (7.30pm): Easter Redemption
    Day 3 (7.30pm): Easter, the Encounter with our Risen Lord
    Day 4 (7.30pm): Easter, Liberating My Story
    Day 5 (7.30pm): Easter, Inviting the Risen Lord
    Day 6 (7.30pm): Easter, Banquet with the Lord
    Day 7 (7.30pm): Easter Salvation
    Day 8 (2pm): Easter Joy

    All are invited. Bring your family and friends and celebrate as a community

  • Youth Easter Celebration
    Take a break as we track back to the 19th Century! Be a part of the spring of life of nature (Easter) from the gloom of winter (Lent)! Join us in a European tradition of La Pallamano at Woodlands Waterfront on 24th May 2014, 9am-2pm. Registration begins next week

  • Easter Booklet
    Easter booklet is available for download HERE

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Last Updated: 17 Apr 2014