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March 2015
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      Snapshot of Parish News

  • eBulletin Registration
    Our parish is cutting down on printed copies of the weekly parish bulletin. Parishioners are strongly encouraged to register for the on-line e-Bulletin. We are glad to highlight that the latest parish news and happenings will automatically be sent to you via your email before the weekend. This would also go a long way to help us in our efforts to go green and lower our printing cost.

    Click Here to signup.

  • Parish Census Registration
    Inviting all parishioners who have yet to register or moved into Woodlands to register with our Church.

    Click Here to register.

  • St Anthony's Free Medical Clinic
    St Anthony's Free Medical Clinic provides free healthcare services to all regardless or race, religion or nationality.

    Help to spread the love of God of this service especially to people whom you know that requires medical treatment but are financially disadvantaged.

    More information can be found here

    The poor needs your help, volunteer yourself today, doctors, nurses, clinic assistants needed

  • Mission Trip to Sri Lanka (August 2015)
    A Mission Trip to Sri Lanka is planned for Early August this year. We run camp for students between ages 13-17. Students who attended our last three camps had greatly benefited from our programmes.

    Apart from learning and improving their English language, they also went through a meaningful self-discovery process, building self-esteem and confidence. More importantly we are able to share with them how God our Father made each of us special and loves us regardless our race, age, gender or our social position. Doing God's work is never easy but the returns are plentiful exactly as what Jesus has promised.

    As in the scriptures, Jesus never said it would be easy but He has promised it will be worthwhile.

    We are now inviting you to come join us in our upcoming camp in Early August.

    Not to worry if you have no experience. Come with a passion to serve the Lord thru His people.

    Registration is now open till 15 March 15. Contact us at

  • Scripture Studies by Rev Msgr Ambrose Vaz
    Book of Judith
    [The Book of Judith believed to be written in the late second century or early first century B.C., recounts the story of God providing a woman, Judith, to deliver the Jewish people in a time of great need and despair. In the story Judith lives in the town of Bethulia. She is a beautiful and wise widow who becomes....]

    Keen to know what becomes of Judith? Come find out more!

    Dates: 7, 14 & 21 April; 5, 12 & 19 May
    Day: Every Tuesdays for 6 weeks
    Venue: Church of Saint Anthony
    Time: 8-10pm

    To Register: Please email (Richelle Hogan) by 20 March 2015 with your full name and contact number.

  • 24 Hours For The Lord
    Our Holy Father Pope Francis is once again calling on all of us to celebrate "24 hours for the Lord".

    The first "24 hours for the Lord" was held in 2014 and the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelisation has proposed "24-hours for the Lord" again for 2015, a time in which we can find special opportunities for prayer and the sacrament of reconciliation.

    Church of St Anthony’s offers Eucharistic Adoration and the Sacrament of Reconciliation over the 24 hours from Friday (13/3/2015) 8pm to Saturday (14/3/2015) 8pm.

    Come and let your soul rest in the wonder of His loving presence.

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Last Updated: 26 Feb 2015