Church of Saint Anthony
25 Woodlands Avenue 1 | Singapore 739064 | P: 6368 3804 | F: 6367 8392

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  • Change In Timing For Weekend Evening Masses
    Starting from the First Sunday of Advent

    Saturday 2 December at 5.30 PM & Sunday 3 December at 5.30 PM

    The timing for all the other masses remain the SAME

  • Mass for the Sick
    Sun 26 Nov 3pm (fulfils Sun Mass Obligation) Sacrament of Reconciliation at 2.30 pm. End with fellowship and refreshments.

    Registration is required for those wishing to receive the Sacrament of Anointing after mass (forms are at the back of the church hall). Registration closes on Mon 20 Nov.

  • St Anthony's Bread Team
    A big THANK YOU to all of you for your contributions on this Easter.

    We would like to seek your continued support for this coming Christmas. Details as follows

    Staple food items needed:
    1) Rice (2.5Kg)
    2) Cooking Oil (1L)
    3) Sugar (1Kg)
    4) Milo Refill Pack (900g)
    5) UHT Milk (1L)
    6) Cream Crackers (420g) / Digestive (400g)
    7) Canned Tuna (185g) / Sardines (425g)
    8) Instant Noodles, Macaroni (500g) OR Spaghetti (500g)

    • Donation of a full set of hampers will be greatly appreciated so that all families will be able to get the same number of items.

    • Please ensure that all food are NON-PERISHABLE and HALAL.

    • Please follow the food item sizes requested as they will be repacked to fit into the hamper bag which is designed to prevent injury to our volunteers as they need to move several hampers in one trip.

    • Collection of staple food items will end on Mon 10 Dec.

    • Packing on Mon 17 Dec & Distribution on Sun 24 Dec Both events will be @ 2pm in St Basil Room.

    Everyone is invited to come and help.

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Last Updated: 16 Nov 2017