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The Catechist Mission
The Ministry of Catechesis is about making our Christian faith alive and real in the lives of children and youth in St Anthony's Church. Primarily, the Catechists seek to lead the children and youth to grow in their faith and love for Jesus.

The Ministry depends on the contributions of many to achieve its goals. This involves working in collaboration with the church community, youth, helpers, parents and the larger local community.

For Catechists, we seek to create an environment that allows them to be effective in Catechesis and to grow in faith. Training and faith formation is available to both new and experienced Catechists.

For our youth and children, it means understanding them, loving them and seeking to provide the Jesus-response and answers to their changing needs.

For our parents and stakeholders, we seek to work with them in an effective partnership for the well-being of our children, and to provide the right information on the Catechism programme.

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General Requirements

Why join the Catechist Ministry?

The organisation structure of the Catechist Ministry consists of the following groups:

a. Resources:

  • Assist Catechist in Sourcing lesson materials
  • Source for camp sites
  • Source for speakers and facilitators

b. Logistics:

  • Assist Catechist in Sourcing lesson materials
  • Procure supplies and materials for classes
  • Arrange transportation and meals for outings

c. Coordinators (Overall, Primary & Secondary):

  • Coordinate activities or Catechist Ministry
  • Liaise with parish groups and external groups

d. Admin:

  • Student registration
  • Correspondence
  • Filing papers

e. Catechists:

  • Manages class
  • Conducts lesson
  • Prepares lesson

f. Curriculum:

  • Prepare lesson plans for all levels
  • Works with Catechists & Spiritual Director on goals for each level

In 2005, after a couple of years of looking at our catechetical approaches and structures, we as Catechist and the Parish Priest decided on the following goals:

What we want our Conf 4 confirmants to be (after 10 yrs of catechism):

  1. having a desire for God
  2. more Christ-centered
  3. more actively involved in the parish
  4. practicing our Catholic faith
  5. actively participating in mission work
  6. better relationships with family & community
  7. responsible for their actions
  8. positive role models

To achieve that, we catechists (right from P1) will facilitate

  1. an ENCOUNTER with the Lord, so that the children will
  2. EXPERIENCE God. We will
  3. ENGAGE and
  4. EXCITE the children, so that they
  5. OWN their faith.

To engage & excite - we will encourage the children to

  1. THINK and
  2. QUESTION, give them a 'safe' environment to
  3. EXPRESS their own views, be prepared to
  4. DISCUSS current events or life issues they are facing, have
  5. HANDS-ON activities eg role-play, skits, art & craft, have
  6. OUT-OF-CLASSROOM activities, connect our lesson to a
  7. BIBLE verse for the children to remember, tell them
  8. STORIES, share

The purpose of catechesis is to enable the one catechised to become a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ full of fervour. Therefore catechesis is not for sacrament of confirmation or to receive the other sacraments. In this sense catechesis never ends.

Are these goals or vision of our own making? They are fully in accordance with the General Directory for Catechesis set out by Rome.

We have had children who have not gone for the Eucharist for 5 years and this is not an isolated case. Therefore we require that parents take their children for the Eucharistic celebration.

In the past we have had parents taking their children out of catechism classes after first Holy Communion and putting them back when they are in sec 1. We will no longer tolerate this mentality that catechesis is for the sacraments. It is of a great disservice to the children. For registration of students into sec 1, they must be able to pray the act of contrition and the Nicene creed by heart; recite the 10 commandments and beatitudes and have completed and have gone through the assessment of the Primary 6 Catechism.

We are having a shortage of catechist and class rooms. Some parents have scolded the catechist when they are reminded to be punctual for the class or for ending the classes late. This will not be tolerated. Anyone who scolds a catechist or gives a catechist a hard time will be asked to remove their children from the catechism classes. If you have any complaint against the catechist, you are to direct it to Parish Priest only.

Parents are required to attend and participate / organise in ALL meetings and activities according to the class/classes of their children as required. In the past, we have had many parents who claim ignorance. The forms of communication are the bulletin and the parish webpage. No parent will be excuse for not knowing what is taking place in the catechism programme. You are required to check the webpage regularly.


  1. All Children must be punctual for classes. This is a normal requirement in everything in life. Courtesy must be inculcated in all. Any child that is late for class after a warning may be asked to go home.
  2. All Children must have at least 80% attendance for promotion to the next level. This is so that they may have some basic knowledge of the topics covered. The attendance is taken to ensure that you know your child has turned up for class or not and that we too will know that you have kept them away from the classes for whatever reason.
  3. All Children must have the correct Bible for classes.
    1. Primary 1 to 3 - Children's Bible "My First Catholic Bible" by Natalie Carabetta
    2. Primary 4 to Confirmation 4 - "New American Bible"
  4. All Children absent from class must produce a MC (if ill) or Letter from School (for school activities). Children absent for 3 consecutive classes without reason, will be deemed to have withdrawn from Catechism.
  5. All children must be properly dressed for Classes. (No flip-flops, sandals (including crocs), slippers and roller shoes, sports shorts, singlet, tubes, spaghetti straps, bareback, miniskirts & hot pants). Tardy attire tends to set the mood for a tardy attitude towards the class and lesson.
  6. Handphones and/or electronic devices/games found to be in the hands of the child or USED during classes by the child will be confiscated.
  7. All Children must attend all Camps, Workshops and Talks as it is part of the Catechism Curriculum.
  8. All Children must attend Eucharistic Celebration Weekly.

Click HERE for details of Primary level targets
Click HERE for details of Confirmation level targets
Click HERE for sample report for Godparents of Confirmants

The class timings for 2018 are as follows:

  • Primary 1, 2 & 3
    Saturday 10.45 am to 12.15 noon
  • Primary 4, 5 & 6
    Saturday 9.00 am to 10.30 am
  • Primary 1 to 6 [only commence with a minimum of 10 students in the class]
    Saturday 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm
  • Confirmation 1,2,3 and 4
    Saturday 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm

CATECHISM CALENDAR for 2018 (Both Parents and Child/Youth)

Click HERE for Catechism Calender 2018


  • The students from Primary 1 to Primary 3 will be making use of the following Children's bible : "My Book of Catholic (Bible Stories)" Compiled by Hieid Hess Saxton and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.
  • The students from Primary 4 to Confirmation 4 will be using the "New American Bible" which is widely available in Catholic bookstores.

Catechism Registration Forms can be downloaded from below links. Forms are also available from the Parish Office
Click HERE for details of PRIMARY level registration form (New students)


You will continue to grow spiritually
We foster an environment that supports personal and spiritual growth through continuous learning. And to support you, we offer access to various development and multimedia resources and tools.

You will have opportunity to build God's Kingdom
You will have the opportunity to contribute towards building the Kingdom of God.

Your contributions are valuable
Your contributions in the Ministry are valuable as you will be helping to form children and youth for the Church of tomorrow.

You will join a highly talented team
We have very experienced Catechists. For you, this means the chance to work with and to learn from others, and to get the support you need to do well in the Catechist Ministry.

Whom do we seek to join the Catechist Ministry ?
The Catechist Ministry holds many opportunities for you to be of loving service to others and to grow in faith. If you are interested in joining the Catechist Ministry, please contact us at or pick up a registration form from the Parish Office.

Click HERE for requirements to be a Catechist.

PSALM 32:8
The Lord says, "I will teach you the way you should go; I will instruct you and advise you."

Last Updated: 31 Jan 2017