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Audio Visual Team

About Audio Visual Team
The Church of Saint Anthony's Audio Visual Team was established in 2003 after church renovations which included an audio-visual system to enhance the experience of the Eucharistic celebration. Since then, the church has expanded the system to include equipment in the recently built auditorium as well.

Current Team Duties

  • Providing service for all Masses.
  • Servicing basic AV needs for all ministries. (Events only)
  • Maintaining and upgrading of AV equipments
  • Training and offering basic understanding of AV usage to other ministries

Our Mission Statement
We come so that the blind may see; the deaf may hear the Word of God.

Every first Friday of the month at 8.00pm

Spiritual Formation
Every first Monday of the month at 8.00pm

  • Recruitment is on a yearly basis (Recruitment is currently open, contact any AV members at the loft after every EC).
  • No prior technical knowledge is required as training will be provided.
  • Interested party are expected to commit themselves for ALL meetings, formations and assigned duties.
  • Preferably aged 18 and above.

AV Support Request

  • For ministries requesting for AV support for their events.
  • Request to be submitted 2 weeks or more in advance to facilitate manpower and resources planning.
  • Request to be submitted via online form
  • Only request submitted via the online form will be processed. Request from ALL OTHER CHANNELS WILL NOT be entertained.

Recommended Guidelines For Safe Color, Safe Fonts and Safe Border on Powerpoint Slides

  • Often the colors on the announcement slides shown during Eucharistic Celebrations on the projector appeared different from our computer monitor. Usually they appeared washed out making it very difficult to read.
  • AV will take the initiative to help to change and enhance the color whenever possible, however it will be better if they are done correctly during the slide preparations.
  • Here are the list of safe color recomended for use when preparing the announcement slides so as to make the announcement more effective.
  • Please note that AV team is not responsible for the contents used in the Eucharistic Celebrations. The slides are prepared by Liturgy Planning Team.

Recommended Guidelines For Video Projection

  • Please ensure that the background of the video is bright.
  • If the video is a slide presentation, please refer to "Recommended guidelines for safe color on Powerpoint slides" for the optimal color combinations.
  • Please ensure that the video file is in Windows Media Video (WMV) with aspect ration of 4:3. As they will be embeded into the Eucharistic Celebration Powerpoint slides.
  • Video files are to be submitted to the Parish office for consolidation, AV team will only accept approved files received from the Parish office.

Last Updated: 04 Oct 2016