Church of Saint Anthony
25 Woodlands Avenue 1 | Singapore 739064 | P: 6368 3804 | F: 6367 8392

Wardens Ministry

St Cyril
Saturday Sunset 5.30pm

Chinese Wardens
Sunday 7.30am

St Louise
Sunday 9.15am

St Mark
Sunday 11.15am

St Rita
Sunday 5.30pm

About Us
Church wardens serve the worshipping assembly in many ways; their most important service is represented by the word “Hospitality”

The church warden is often the first person whom worshippers meet when they arrive at church. Hence, he or she is representing the rest of the community in offering hospitality to all those who come to worship. People’s impression of a parish is significantly shaped by the presence or absence of a welcoming atmosphere when they come to worship.

Our Mission
As wardens we have voluntarily committed ourselves to serve the Lord and His people with love. We are privileged to be the first official contact with fellow parishioners coming for the celebration and a friendly smile, a pleasant greeting and a warm handshake would set the warm conviviality of a community coming together to worship the Lord. Each arrival must experience the sense of belonging and strangers must be put at ease and made to feel welcomed.

Our Objectives

  • To welcome and assist the congregation in the celebration of the liturgy by greeting them as they enter the Church, handing them the various books or leaflets required for the celebration, distributing handouts, assisting in the offertory collection, offertory procession, orderly reception of Holy Communion, orderly parking or cars within and adjacent the Church compound.
  • To assist the priests in maintaining order during liturgical celebrations.
  • To provide other assistance at the requests of the priests of the Parish.
  • To provide other assistance at the request of priests of the Parish or the Archdiocese with the approval of the Spiritual Director.
  • To help in the spiritual growth of the wardens by organising, talks, retreats, etc.

Regular Activities and Events

  • General Membership Meeting.
  • Monthly Rosary Session.
  • Yearly Retreat.
  • Oktoberfest.
  • Renewal of Commitment.
  • Christmas Octave.
  • Recon Program.
  • Spirit Fest.

Join Us Today!
If you are contemplating joining a ministry to serve our Lord, we would like you to be part of our big family.

Stewards at the Banquet Ministry
Please contact:

Deepu Joseph
Mobile: 9027 4504

Vice Chairman
Vincent Perera

Girlie Vitalista

Assistant Secretary
Madeline Soto

Jeremiah Calija

(St Cyril, Sunset 5.30pm)
Juan Mercado

(St Louise, Sunday 9.15am)
Ma. Cheriza Bondoc

(St Mark, Sunday 11.15am)
Christopher Chew

(St Rita, Sunday 5.30pm)
Giovanni Ugtong


Last Updated: 16 May 2019