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Parish Pastoral Council

The vision statement states what our Parish aspires to be in the long term. The vision of the Parish was “A Participative Christ-centred Community.” In August 2011, the vision statement was revised to provide more focus:

“A Participative Christ-centered Community of Disciples Building the Kingdom of God.”

The revised Parish vision is more complete and better reflects our calling as baptized Catholics.

The mission statement reflects how the Parish intends to go about realizing its vision. While the vision statement is unlikely to change, the mission statement can be adjusted from time to time to address the stages of growth and key focus areas within the Parish. Nevertheless, the mission statement always points towards the vision.

The previous mission statement of the Parish was “A Renewal of Love for the Word of God in Our Neighbourhoods.” There was a focus on neighbourhood groups. The current mission statement is:

“To invite and facilitate God-encounters and to build Christ-centred communities”.

It recognizes that only God can change hearts and bring about the conversion needed to build Christ-centred communities. Our task is to facilitate and encourage God encounters through activities and other means.

The revised vision (Parish Vision) was presented to the Parish Assembly held on August 28, 2012 and responses to the questions asked of participants at the Parish Assembly showed that, by and large, they understood and believed in the Vision.

The revised mission statement (Mission) was discussed in small break-out groups and the results collated and analysed by the PPC. These results provided invaluable feedback and ideas for the PPC to utilise in connection with the development and initiation of programs and activities.

The Parish and its groups at all levels will have to be geared towards the fulfillment of the Parish Vision and Mission. Both statements are in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The structure of the PPC as explained in the Archdiocesan PPC Constitution, its main components and how they interact. The Parish Priest presides over all components of the system and has the final say. The PPC and Parish Priest working together using feedback from the Parish Assembly to set directions for EXCO and monitor the work of EXCO. The EXCO acts to organise pastoral activities as directed. In Sept 2010, Our Parish Priest highlighted the concerns he had for the parish and the PPC deliberated and worked on these concerns and came to the conclusion that the existing current needs to be re-structured. What has changed? A stronger more focused role for EXCO and its new constituent keystones (previously called pillars) and better oversight of the work of our church towards meeting the vision and mission. In particular, lay people will play a stronger role and take more responsibility in leading the church in collaboration with the Parish Priest.

This organization chart shows all the main bodies in (Church of St Anthony) CSA. The ministries and other church groups are under the Event Keystone in efforts to work towards the Vision and Mission of CSA.

The new EXCO will be formed by chairpersons of each of the 6 keystones with the Parish Priest as president. As of June 2015, not all keystone heads have been identified for the new EXCO to commence operation. Instead the Events Keystone is still operating as the de facto EXCO.

It is recognised that the formation of the new PPC structure is going to take time and effort. There must be participation by a greater proportion of our parishioners since our ministry members are already “stretched” in their varying commitments. There is also a need to find, develop and train leaders, to develop and formalise the various formation and leadership programs and to identify people or organizations inside and outside our Parish to help in formation and leadership training.

The new PPC Structure includes of 6 Keystones: Events (which was previously EXCO), Development, Renewal, Youth, Communications and Publicity, and Administration.

These Keystones have an overview of their respective areas of responsibility and comprise members who are drawn from the parishioners. The Keystones will perform their respective roles and functions in line with the Parish Vision and Mission, and the ideal number of members will have to be determined in each case, so that the required workload will be manageable. There must also be the correct mix of charisms and talents suited to the responsibilities of that Keystone. Generally, each Keystone will require both thinkers and doers.

The new structure that takes a long term view i.e. the PPC recognises it is going to take time to setup this new structure. We recognise that we cannot place undue burden on the EXCO. The Events Keystone organises events that are not part of the other keystones e.g. liturgical events and feast days. Development will take care of leadership training and formation programs. Leadership was one issue put forward by the Parish Priest in 2011. Renewal is concerned about getting more people to be active and to sustain those already active and includes spiritual renewal. The Youth Keystone consists of the current youth program under Parish Priest and is kept as a separate entity as the youth require a particular focus. The Communications and Publicity keystone is intended to provide a better communications and publicity infrastructure and seeks to play a role in fostering a sense of belonging. The Administration keystone looks after administration support and estate management.

All these keystones will be guided by a SOP which is intended as a living document maintained by the EXCO and reviewed by the PPC. As the keystones develop, a new central EXCO committee shown in red will be formed to better coordinate efforts and resources across the keystone. An important point is that each keystone will have a helicopter view of the areas under its purview. The keystones are a starting point and like the SOP are not cast in stone but meant to evolve based on our experiences. The Parish Priest guides all our efforts and has the final say in all decisions.

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