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Family Life Team

About Us
The Family Life Team plans and organizes various activities to promote strong family ties and good Catholic-community bonding.

Our Mission
The mission of the Family Life Team is to reach out to the parishioners and encourage deeper relationships within families, foster and nurture Christ-centred families, and rally these families as a community for the service of God.

Mother & Daughter Camp - Event with over night stay in a retreat house. Programs to facilitate bonding and understanding of each other. Activities to help mother and daughter understand each other's need and concern.

Father & Son Camp – Fun-filled outdoor opportunity for fathers and sons to deepen their relationship through communication, cooperation, fellowship, and trust.

Family Camp – Out-of-Singapore experience for families to come together and participate in various activities to renew their love and respect for one another. Also, to grow in the Catholic faith as a family, and as a community.

Infant Baptism - Preparing parents and God-parents in their respective role in bringing up the child. This is done over three sessions, (three weeks) in alternate months. Also facilitating and coordinating infant Baptism Rite.

Wedding Anniversary Milestone Eucharistic Celebration - Celebrate the milestone of wedding anniversaries in their 5th, 10th or any multiple of 5 years.

Join Us
Parishioners are welcome to join as member regardless of being single or married.

For Family Life Team
Please contact:

Daniel Fong

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2016